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Being X
Character Name
Full Name Existence X
Other Name God of Reincarnation
Kanji 存在 X

Aliases "Being X" (by Tanya)

"God" (by believers)

Personal Info
Age •Immortal •Infinite •Unknown
Gender Genderless
Military Info
Novel Chapter 0 Prologue (Vol. 1)
Manga Chapter 1 The Sky in Norden (Vol. 1)
Anime Episode 2 Prologue
"If I put you into the "dire straits" you speak of, your faith will awaken?"
— "Being X" to Tanya[src]

Being X is the main antagonist and the deuteragonist of the Youjo Senki series. It is, in its own words, "God", the God of the Bible, the one that gave the 10 commandments to Moses.

A mysterious being, its goal appears to be the increase of the number of faithful people in the worlds it oversees.

It is responsible for Tanya's reincarnation as a young girl, in an alternate version of Europe during the late Interwar period.


Being X is the one that summons Tanya to the new world after her former Japanese body (an unnamed salaryman) meets his death, then in the afterlife unfavorably reviews God’s system of building the human civilization while maintaining religious devotion. After hearing the review, Being X told him that the significant part of the human race being atheists like him is due to them having to live in a peaceful scientific world, without facing any major setbacks.

By changing all those conditions (and his gender), Being X hypothesized that the Japanese atheist would become a faithful individual and thus, the Japanese Salaryman is reborn as the experimental subject Tanya Degurechaff. At a conference between Gods, said Gods show preoccupation at looking only at the rampant decrease in faithful individuals throughout the many worlds. They protected humanity in the past from various disasters, helped those who that reached out, (with true faith) for them and never hindered civilization’s development. On the contrary, the Gods wanted humans to seek the mysteries behind their workings and reach a higher level of philosophy and thus, welcomed scientific progress. They expected mankind would evolve from mindless worship to reverent devotion, thus with greater understanding they'd reach a higher-order of intelligence.

However, they couldn’t foresee that the rapidly increase in living standards and scientific progress would lead to loss of faith (in them). The prevalent lack of faith appears to be a threat to their own existence. They use a system called the “Circle of Rebirth” to keep every soul alive and in theory, the number of faithful individuals stable and their power as well. However, with the increasing number of atheists in a faithless world, the system is reaching its limits as inevitably the reborn individuals end up becoming atheists again while the number of faithful individuals keeps decreasing. In order to increase the number of faithful individuals in the world without directly imposing their will, they decided to teach words of prayer and give new miracles to the humans so that they can regain their faith in the Gods by themselves.

Their first action is to help Schugel with the Type 95 Operation Orb, a device that uses knowledge very close to the realm of the Gods. However, they opted to give him a miracle instead of finishing the Type 95 orb for him or showing him how to do it. Hence, the Type 95 operation orb was able to function in its last field test- despite not being upgraded- just by the power of words of prayer, making Schugel a believer.


God's Domain

This ability gives the authorized person to stop time accordingly. It can use it anytime to interfere and to talk to Tanya.

God's Possession (Anime Only)

It can possess anyone and any living things such as animals, insects and even humans whether dead or alive. However, it only took effect when someone believes and have faith on It.

God's Will (Deus lo vult)

The ability to give its blessings to someone. Being X used this authority to let Tanya von Degurechaff and Mary Sue use it for spreading its word to its believers and convert all those who are non-believers.

God's Reincarnation

The ability to manipulate one's soul and give life anew. In shorter terms Being able to reincarnate someone's soul after death in to something else - As it could be a Human, Angel, Demon, Dragon, Elemental Spirit, Familiar, Faerie, Jinn, Kaiju or any other type of monster, creature or thing.

Differences between various Media

The light novel

Gods have names from Christian angelic hierarchy, like Cherub, Seraph, and Thrones. They are working for “the Lord”, and whenever they want to impact on a world, they always ask for the Lord's consent. From vol.1 to vol.3, They only impact on this alternate world for 3 times.

  1. Send the Japanese salaryman's soul into a female embryo.[1]
  2. Send the miracle to Tanya's Elinium type-95 so that none can use the type-95 except her.[2]
  3. Send more miracles to the faithful people so that more apostles will appear.[3]

The anime

The anime doesn't reveal much information about how its system works. Hence, whether Being X is part of the group of Gods, a spokesperson for the group, a single entity comprising of all the divine beings, or even the Devil like Tanya claims, is still to be determined. It also doesn't have stable form and uses its power to impact on this world more often. It attempts to send more miracles to this world, and then intensify the conflicts in this world, which might increase of the number of faithful people.

The manga

Most of the settings get close to the light novel. There is some differences: with Being X being composed of a collective, like Jehovah, Shiva, seven-eyed fire titan, and the angel wearing knight armor. Aside of their forms, they also sent 3 miracles, which were all finally, given for Mary Sue, to the alternate world.


(To Tanya) : "You are lacking in faith, is driven by your sexual lust, holds me in disregard, and completely ignores ethics."

(To Tanya) : "So the reason for the problem, according to you, is that living in a scientific world, is a man, not knowing what is war and having never fallen into any dead ends right? If that’s the case, all I need to do is just throw you into that kind of environment and you will start to believe and have faith again?"


  • Tanya blames Being X for cursing her with the Type 95 operation Orb when it was the God of Invention who instructed Schugel on how to make the orb work.
  • Another known member of the God's Collective is the Angel of Wisdom. He’s the one who concludes that the Gods’ plan is not wrong and what’s needed is a way to increase the number of faithful people. Incidentally, his approach is the same one Being X uses when he reincarnates the unknown Japanese salaryman as Tanya Degurechaff.


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