Donald Habergram

Donald Habergram in manga ch. 22

Character Name
Full Name Donald Habergram
Kana ドナルド・ハーバーグラム
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation Youjo Senki Allied Kingdom Flag HQ Cropped Foreign Strategy Division
Military Info
Military Rank Major General
Allegiance Youjo Senki Allied Kingdom Flag HQ Cropped Allied Kingdom
Novel Chapter III Norden II
Manga Chapter 22

Donald Habergram is the military officer whom the intelligence agency of Allied Kingdom was loyal to, and he took part in many intelligence activities against the Empire during the Great War.

Personality Edit

He was described as a man with difficult personality, yet able to make calm judgments and not go off the rails. He also was praised as an unflappable paragon of composure.

Plot Edit

Plus Ultra Edit

After the battle of the Osfjord, he received the urgent transport request of their councilor and planned to assist them in establishing a government in exile. However, their meticulous plan was destroyed because of the 203rd Imperial Aerial Mage Battalion.

Quotes Edit

Donald Habergram, Memoirs: In a crisis, there are two types of people: those who run and those who get left behind. I've never despised the former. But it was only later I learn that the latter deserve respect.[1]


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