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Other Name See Terminologies
Kana エーリッヒ・フォン・レルゲン
Mandarin 埃里希·馮·雷魯根
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Military Rank

Colonel [1]
Lieutenant Colonel [2]
Major [3]

Allegiance EmpireFlag The Empire
Voiced By
Novel Chapter 1 The Sky In Norden (Vol. 1)
Manga Chapter 1 The Sky in Norden (Vol. 1)
Anime Episode 1 Devil of the Rhine

Erich von Rerugen is a talented military officer who serves under the Imperial General Staff. He was in the field up until he reached first lieutenant, and he also used to serve as a military attaché stationed in the Allied Kingdom.


In the light novel, he has short, brown, center part hair and blue eyes. He has a quite fit body shape, and the airs of a noble.

In the anime, he has black hair with a long strand of hair that set aside his face. He has a gentle, cool-headed looking face and wears bottom rimmed eyeglasses. He wears his officer attire in casual places and during conference meetings.


He is knowledgeable, diligent, and thoughtful on his duties. He has extraordinary observations of various departments during the War College conference and received high evaluations even in the General Staff. Hence, he was able to see through Tanya's true nature and thought of her as a monster.[4]


He first showed up as Chief of Decorations of Achievement Assessment Department in the Personnel Division. Later, he was promoted from Major to Lieutenant Colonel due to his excellent performance, was assigned as a high-ranking staff officer in the Operations Division of General Staff, and went to the Northern Front for inspection. On the train went to the north, he read Zettour's thesis about the Great War. He went to many battlefields to carry out the missions General Staff gave. In vol.1 ch.5, he attended the parade of the 203rd Aerial Mage Battalion as one of the inspecting officers and later took part in the Dacian War.

In vol.2 ch.4, he had a short meeting with Tanya and suggested her battalion assist an exercise of North Sea Fleet.

May 25, 1925, he visited the Secret V-1 Launch Base and had some discussion with Tanya. June 20, he returned from front lines after completing the inspection and was called by Rudersdorf.

March 15, 1926, he welcomed 203rd Mage Battalion's return from Southern Continent and introduced an officer from Strategic Reconnaissance in Operations to her for a secret operation. Later the same day, with the breakout of Russy invasion, he was busy in sending reserves and reinforcement to the front lines.

April 10, he attended the court of inquiry about the raid of Moskva executed by 203rd Mage Battalion. Later the end of the court, he beheld the fierce discussion between Tanya and Zettour.


  • According to LN Volume 7, Salamander Combat Group was picked up by the future historian during 1976 Common Era.
  • His name has various versions from different media. Check Terminologies.


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