Erya in manga

Restaurant Erya

Character Name
Full Name Erya
Kana エーリャ
Personal Info
Gender Female
Occupation Artillery Spotter
Military Info
Military Rank First Lieutenant
Allegiance EmpireFlag The Empire
Novel Chapter 3 The Watch/Guard On The Rhine (Vol. 1)
Manga Chapter 2 Type 95 Elinium Operation Orb (Vol.1)
Anime Did not appear

Erya is a friend, classmate and roommate of Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov back in Cadet School. She was posted as an artillery spotter in the central army as her first assignment after graduating from Cadet Corps.

Appearance Edit

In her first appearance in the light novel, Visha described Erya as a young woman her age with a beautiful face and busty figure. Manga adapted to this description as it could be seen in her character design in comparison to the more slender Visha. Erya had loose curly shoulder-length hair. Like any other soldier, Erya wears her uniform in most appearances.

She did not appear in the Anime, and all scenes and references of her were removed.

Personality Edit

She is portrayed as a very lively girl, an early riser who fusses over her roommate to wake up as early as her. A kind friend who is very supportive of Visha. Erya is also quite bold and has ways with words. This is evident from when she was a cadet, Erya is brave enough to snoop for information she shouldn't have access to.

Erya display a sharp analytical mind, having a good grasp on how war will develop in Norden. Visha often noted that Erya's perceptive trait made her very suitable as a spy.

Background Edit

She has knowledge of things that someone of her status are not supposed to know. During her first appearance, she was able to tell Visha which units they will be assigned to and who Visha's commanding officer will be beforehand. It was implied that she eavesdropped on the officers.

Plot Edit

The Watch/Guard on The Rhine Edit

Erya made her first appearance in the introduction chapter for Visha, waking up her roommate as teasingly calling the girl as sleepy head. During their breakfast Erya chatted with Visha about their posting, revealing her knowledge of their assignment prior to official notice. She informed Visha that she would be assigned to Western Theater as reinforcement, serving in new flight under a rare surviving recipient of Silver Wings Assault Medal. While Erya herself is assigned to central army as their artillery observer.

The Devil in Coastline of Norden Edit

She came to Norden as part of the reinforcements from central army to defend Norden in the absence of the Northern Army. At this point of time, Erya has been promoted to first lieutenant and later on revealed to be part of Intelligence Department. Erya visited Visha during the 203rd vacation until Visha's vacation is called off due to the emergency call from Tanya. She complimented Visha for her achievements and shared what she happened to hear about political situation in Northern Army in regards to Tanya. Erya also warned Visha of the possibility of foreign interference in the North which Tanya also predicted before reaching Norden.