In omnia paratus


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Release Date June 30, 2017
ISBN ISBN 978-4-047346-55-0
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In omnia paratus is the 8th volume of of the Youjo Senki light novel.

Short Summary Edit

Tanya has been in desperate situation.

How can they win in this kind of crisis? A lot of opening have been commenced by the Rus Union in their eastern side while the Entente alliance have succeed in facing them in the South Continent Desert.

Imperial soldiers are suffering from deep exhaustion and the winter makes their state miserable.

What kind of strategy would come out from General Zettour?

Full Summary Edit

Chapter I: A journalist's memory of The Eastern Front Edit

June 8, Unified Year 1927, Andrew and the other Commonwealth war correspondents are sent by each their newspaper office to the north of Eastern Front. Before they arrive, he finds the war correspondents the Russy Federation approves are either young or pro-communist. At the evening, they attend a press conference which is to introduce the details of upcoming Toad Offensive in north. Liliya, the interpreter and the chief of the conference de facto, also tells the attending journalists the rules they shall follow at this battlefield to keep their press card. Based on the info they get, the mission of Federation Army in north is to capture the railway of the Empire, pressuring the flank of the invading Imperial southern forces and securing the advance bases for the next offensive in the future.

June 10, the multinational coalition forces that consist of the soldiers from Francois Republic, Commonwealth, Russy Federation, Legadonia Entente Alliance, Principality of Dacia, and the volunteers from the Unified States encircle a kampfgruppe of the Imperial Army that protrudes at the forefront of the devastated battlefield. Even though 3 divisions directly participating in the siege outnumber the surrounded kampfgruppe, the Empire has the most fortified defense and elite units outmatching their unit's skills and can not be broken by simple tactics. Andrew learns that the name of the unit they are fighting against is "Kampfgruppe Lergen", which is commanded by an obscure Colonel.

Chapter II: The night before Andromeda Edit

May 26, Unified Year 1927, because Zettour's disagreement with the royal government, he was assigned to the inspector of Group B on Eastern Front, which is actually a sinecure without any authority. He is escorted personally by Lt. General von Rudersdorf in the train station. Before Zettour gets on the train, they discuss about his disagreement and Operation Andromeda for a short time. For the politicians, the capture of the enemy's resources of materials will prevent the Empire from the economic crisis (but it is all for their own business's sake), and it is widely supported by the citizens by considering the survey. Additionally, the Imperial royal government seeks for further victories, too.

Few days later, Lt. Col. Tanya von Degurechaff, acts as commander of "Kampfgruppe Lergen/ Kampfgruppe Salamander" (Lergen told her that all the credit will be taken by him whether she failed or succeeded) under the direct control of the General Staff, was ordered to go to the HQ of Group B. She is shocked by General von Zettour's appearance in the Eastern Front. She feels nervous when she knows the dispute between the Home Front and General Staff. Zettour informs her about the upcoming major offensive.

Operation Andromeda is a major southern offensive. Based on the plan, Group A at the south will carry out a concentration of the majority of Imperial battle vehicles, and the Group B at the north will defend its flank. Its goal is to capture the Federation territories that are wealthy of resources. Supreme High Command asks General Staff to capture it, and Operation Andromeda was named by Rudersdorf, meaning 'something too far to reach'. (Read: Operation Case Blue)

General von Zettour tells her that he still has the authority to command the units from General Staff because he wasn't dismissed from the deputy director of the Service Corps by the Empire. He will help Group B to complete their duties. Without the authority of the other staffs, he tells her he plans to use every available resources to achieve the goal, which makes Tanya feel ominous.

The staffs of Group B expect the enemy will strike the plains alongside the streets and roads and deploy most units here. However, it will be too risky for their divisions to do so because they have limited supplies and men to defend. Zettour has a different plan and wants to use his trump card (wild card), "Kampfgruppe Lergen", to start with.

He plans to deploy Kampfgruppe Lergen at a little city alongside a half-abandoned railway. This city is named Soldium Position 528, located at the border district of the plains. The staffs of Group B only deploy few units here since they think the outskirt of this city is marsh and its train station is seldom used. Different to their expectation, Zettour assumes the enemy will prefer the railway to a massive armed conflict at the plains. He orders Tanya to act as the bait to lure enemies to encircle this city near from their long and fragile defense line. With the encirclement ongoing, they can hold up many Federation troops here without the huge casualties.

Tanya accepts it since they do not have much time and only Kampfgruppe Lergen may act as a decoy. If she succeeds to this suicide mission, they can possibly motivate and raise the morale of the soldiers. Before she leaves, Zettour borrows Grantz's mage company from her.

Chapter III: Andromeda Edit

June 10, Unified Year 1927, Imperial Group A execute Operation Andromeda in south. On the other hand, the Soldium Position 528 of the Empire is surrounded by the multinational coalition forces which approximates of 4-5 divisions. The main defense line of Group B at the plains doesn't meet the enemy. As Soldium Position 528 suffers from all stresses from the enemies' offensives, it also urges the relief from Group B.

Although the "Kampfgruppe Lergen" has only plenty of food from Autonomous Council and lacks the ammunition from the Empire, it is still struggling against the continuous battle in the encirclement. The main defending units are the infantry of the kampfgruppe, while the tanks and self-propelled artillery lack the ammunition and are hiding within the streets and the buildings. Because they have few resources, Tanya orders her soldiers to search the supplies from the corpses of the enemies.

During a time of raid, Tanya is irritated by the enemy's elite mages. They are pushed back by Tanya's mages, but their remarkable skills and strength still impresses her. Tanya considers that Russy Federation releases the mages from the concentration camps. The stress from the enemy siege increases. The outer streets gradually become ruins due to the bombardment of enemy artillery.

In the HQ of Group B, Zettour receives the report from the Imperial air fleet, informed that their air superiority can't sustain for long. They need to hurry up the relief to the surrounded units. He wonders if his motherland is led by the grand strategy, or just some narrow pieces of so-called strategy.

On the other hand, General von Rudersdorf is now busy due to the absence of General von Zettour, his close and best friend. He finds the enemy strategic bombardment at night become usual. The industrial district of Low Lands suffers from heavy losses. Although the Imperial foreign office censured the night raids to the cities, Commonwealth claimed that those were done by the air forces of the Federation, who doesn't sign a part of international laws. Tons of onerous affairs almost exhausts him. He misses his reliable colleague.

Chapter IV: Encounter and Engage Edit

The siege continues at Soldium Position 528. The artillery bombardment from Federation Army keeps weakening the fortifications, while the kampfgruppe lacks materials and equipment to repair them. The night raids of Federation infantry also apply more pressure to their defense units. Tanya even leads her mages to join the house-to-house fighting at their defense lines and shoot down the enemy's shells like their retraining mission at Alps.

Their defense circle is reduced day by day. One day, the bombardment from the enemy destroys some of their reserves outdoor since they don't have enough underground storerooms.

At the HQ of Group B, the staff officers are discussing about the rescue mission. So far, they use a division to defend per area which should be guarded by 3 divisions at the standard. However, most offensives happen at the encirclement of Soldium Position 528. Although they have an armored division, a mechanized division, and an infantry division as their reserves and all of them are full-strength, the majority of staff officers of Group B still tend to keep the motionless defense. Zettour finds them losing the determination and morale to wage the maneuver warfare because of the formidable numerical inferiority in military strength.

He decides to ask the commanders of the reserve divisions to save the surrounded comrades. Before attending the discussion in the HQ of Group B, Zettour had told them to study the classic case of a relief. Thankfully, they are willing and full of morale. They will wage a maneuver warfare with their left wing forces, striking at clockwise direction and storming the encirclement. The rescue mission starts, and Tanya gets the intention of General von Zettour from a short message.

Chapter V: Pocket Edit

General von Zettour joins the spearhead forces as the inspector to learn the true nature of the current battlefield. Though Major General Clam, the armored division commander, urged him to get in a light tank instead of a roofless car, Zettour rejected him and promised he will be safe due to the guard of Grantz's mage company.

The spearhead forces keep detouring from the enemy's investment. However, they detect the enemy's tank units. To prevent from the outflanking of enemy's armored units, Clam decides to repulse them first. With the Imperial tanks cover each other and charge, a tank battle begins.

Zettour notices that the battle situation has been getting worse than he expected. The Federation tanks can bear the direct hit from the Imperial tanks from middle distance. The Imperial infantry get off from the vehicles and fight together with the tanks as the anti-tank guns are being deployed nearby the forward-most line by the Imperial mechanized infantry. Sooner, the Federation Army deploy their reserve armored division to counterattack, and Group B send their troops into the salient, too. As both sides send more air forces, mages and reserves into this battlefield, the tank battle gradually develops to a major mixed battle.

Meanwhile, Tanya decides to penetrate the back of the Federation counter forces and give aid for the Imperial rescue forces. To fear the main offensive toward her kampfgruppe as she leaves, Tanya asks her mages to restrain their mana signal. Nevertheless, Drake still finds they leaving and urges the Federation Army to wage a major offensive to annihilate Kampfgruppe Lergen. He receives fierce resistance from Liliya. Unfortunately, their dispute is heard by Mary who immediately charges to chase Devil of the Rhine. Drake has no choice but gives up the major offensive and commands his mage battalion to take off. Mikel's mage battalion also follows their steps.

Mary is out of control, which stuns both Drake and Tanya. Tanya finds them chased by two mage battalions and decides to counter them at once. They strike first by sniping spells, which only cause few damage. She uses Type 95 to try to shoot down an unbelievably tough and swift enemy, but finding the enemy getting no harm. With a short but fierce aerial fight, Tanya considers they can't cope with the enemies before arriving the salient, commanding her mages to bombard the air zone and leave immediately. After getting rid of the enemy, her battalion detours to prevent the enemy's chase. None the less, they are ambushed since the enemy knows that their destination is the salient.

When they are fighting over the salient, Tanya baits the enemy to get ambushed by Grantz's company. As the Imperial air forces gain more air superiority and the reinforcements of Imperial reserves from Group B, Federation Army are forced to retreat and abandon the encirclement. When Tanya lands and knocks an enemy soldier down by her shovel, she is stunned, finding Zettour holding a rifle and fighting together with the Imperial infantry. The spearhead forces maneuver again for the relief of Kampfgruppe Lergen.

Chapter VI: Hans von Zettour Edit

Although the Federation Army stopped the relief of the Imperial spearhead forces at first, they didn't have more reserve to plug the hole on their investment. Under the pursuit of Imperial armored spearhead, their retreat gradually develops to the dispersion in defeat. Drake's and Mikel's mage battalions volunteer for serving as the rearguard, countering the assault of the Imperial mages. Since almost getting shot down at the salient, Mary seems to return from rage and is willing to obey Drake. On the other hand, after a short firefight, Tanya is unwilling to keep chasing the valiant enemy air forces and calls her mages back.

Loria receives the reports from Federation General Staff. Although the siege on the north of the front was defeated, they successfully stopped the major offensive of Imperial Army on the south. Despite the fall of Josefgrad, Federation generals secure the safety of all territories that are wealthy of resources. Loria promises the generals that none of them will take responsibility for the fall of Josefgrad. He also guarantees them that he will persuade their General Secretary to give his commanding generals more liberty to make important command decisions.

Afterwards, the Imperial forces retake Soldium Position 528 and set it as the advance base. Tanya is summoned by Zettour, discussing about the current situation of the Empire. Group A failed to capture the resources of materials of Federation since the armored forces had reached the limit of supplies. Although the railway system is secured by Autonomous Council perfectly, the Empire couldn't send enough supplies to the front. Due to the strategic bombardment of the enemy, the production capacities of the Empire are getting reduced.

Zettour says he had ever thought the dilemma the Empire faces would be solved with military moves eventually, but after he came to the battlefront as a inspector by chance and made the on-site-inspection, he deeply realized his expectation was just an illusion after all. Military moves can't be the panacea, and morale can't, either. He tells Tanya that people can neither have food without salt nor only have salt as food. And now, if they image salt as morale, citizens of the Empire at the rear are crazy on salt alchemy. They believe salt can be turned into everything they want. Zettour guarantees Tanya without a doubt that their research can only make the Empire pickled like Sodom and Gomorrah. He baits Tanya to claim herself a patriot who always protects the motherland and orders her to find a best way for their motherland. He doesn't need her answer at once, informing her that her next destination for work is their homeland.

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