Ildoa Kingdom is located in the south of the Empire and east of Francois Republic. It has some colonies on southern continent, and is expanding its influence and competing with the Republic and the Allied Kingdom. It is also the Empire's ally, but kept neutral when the war broke out.

International Relations Edit

Empire (帝国) - Ildoa had territorial disputes for Unredeemed Ildoa against the Empire, but still signed a treaty of alliance with the Empire, which only stipulated some war provisions except the obligation to join the war on ally's side. In volume 6, Ildoa became the coordinator to hold the ceasefire deal between the Empire and other belligerents.

Allied Kingdom (連合王国) - As the coordinator, Ildoa takes many modern aircraft, operation orbs, and much interest-free loans from Allied Kingdom.

Military Strength Edit

Army Edit

Ildoa has balanced development of army and navy. Its army is famous for tough mountain regiment.

Navy Edit

No information.

Airforce Edit

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