Type 95 Elinium Operation Orb (工レ二ウム九五式) is the second chapter of Youjo Senki Manga.

Summary Edit

The chapter starts with a brief explanation of everything. After her first mission, Tanya Degurechaff is ordered to test a experimental operation orb, the Type 95 Elinium Operation Orb developed by Adelheid von Schugel and his team. After many experiments with the orb, it was deemed unsuccessful and its development discontinued. However, just before the project is discontinued, Tanya is sent to test the orb again with a promise of success. In the of midst the test, the operation orb is about to explode and kill her. However, an intervention by some Gods prevents this and makes the Type 95 function, thereby creating a miracle. The orb will only work if Tanya prays to the Lord. At the boarding house of the Imperial Army Cadet Corps, Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov is having breakfast while discussing her new platoon leader.

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