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Character Name
Full Name Matheus Johan Weiss
Kana マテウス・ヨハン・ヴァイス
Mandarin 馬特烏斯·約翰·拜斯
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation EmpireFlag Imperial 203rd Aerial Mage Battalion
Weapons & Equipments
  • Elinium Type 97 ‘Mobile Assault’ Operation Orb
  • Rifle
  • Empire Flying Gear
Military Info
Military Rank Major (Current) [1]


  • Captain [2]
  • First Lieutenant [3]
Allegiance EmpireFlag The Empire
Novel Chapter I The Dacian War (Vol. 2)
Manga Chapter 12 Norden II (Vol. 5)
Anime Episode 5 My First Battalion

Matheus Johan Weiss is the Vice Commander and 2nd Company Commander of the 203rd Aerial Mage Battalion. He is originally from the Eastern Army and was appointed vice commander by Tanya.


He has a curved face, black hair, and black eyes. He wears his military officer suit in casual places and his battle suit during combat.


He is a prudent yet not unrelenting man. He is skilled at managing and disciplining his subordinates, making him competent at his duties. He is very concerned about his subordinates, usually taking care of the battalion in various ways and enjoying the confidence of them.[4]

For Tanya, he is a thoughtful and reliable subordinate whom she is willing to spend much time on.[5] She also usually chats (sometimes bickers) with him.


  • Weiss has played a joke on Visha when he was drunk.[6]


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