Pierre-Michel de Lugo


De Lugo in manga chapter 26

Character Name
Full Name Pierre-Michel de Lugo
Other Name Pierre
Kana ピエール・ミシェル=ド・ルーゴ
Personal Info
Gender Male
Military Info
Military Rank Major General
Voiced By Takaya Hashi (Japanese)

Ian Sinclair (English)

Novel Chapter 2 The intervene, Which was too late (Vol. 3)
Manga Chapter 26
Anime Episode 1 The Devil of the Rhine

Pierre-Michel de Lugo is the Vice Minister of both Defense and the Armed Forces of the Francois Republic. He is also the leader that carried up the Operation Ark in volume 3 chapter 2. He established the Free Republic and became its leader.

Appearance Edit

He is wearing a 19th Century type of French military official suit. He has a mustache and well-developed upper body.

Personality Edit

He is a man with a calm facade and charisma. He has strong will and loyalty to face the dilemma. He also has good leaderships to get the support from the backbone military officers in Malgeria.

Plot Edit

He is the leader that carried out the Operation Ark, which brought Armored Division 3 and Strategic Mobile Army 7 from Brest Naval Base to Malgeria. Later in Malgeria, he established the "Free Republic", which declared themselves the true Republic government and continued the war against the Empire.

He led the Free Republican army and fought against Imperial Southern Continent Expeditionary Corps. However, he faced opposition from the passive, do-nothing colonial bureaucrats. He decided to replace the command structure of the colonial army and unify the command chain. With time, he turned the NCOs and lower-ranking commissioned officers on his side and won the loyalty of colonies staff officers. Successfully, he gathered troops to retake Turus and cut the inept generals from the chain of command. Later, their army tried to ambush and destroy Romel's troops, yet was achieved a breakout.

Quotes Edit

(Vice Minister of Defense de Lugo during the escape operation) : “If even one of us remains, the Republic can keep fighting. It may seem like a platitude, but all we need to do is be standing in the end. That's how war works.”[1]

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Reference Edit

  1. The Finest Hour - Chapter III Operation an Ark