Severin Vianto

Severin Bientot Anime


Character Name
Full Name Séverin Vianto
Kana セヴラン・ビアント
Personal Info
Gender Male
Weapons & Equipments
  • Rifle
  • Republic Flying Gear
Military Info
Military Rank

Colonel (The Finest Hour Chapter VI)
Lieutenant Colonel (Plus Ultra Chapter VI)

Allegiance Youjo Senki Republic Flag HQ Francois Republic
Voiced By Koyanagi Ryoukan (Japanese)

Kent Williams (English)

Novel Plus Ultra Chapter VI
Manga Chapter 26
Anime Episode 2 The Devil of the Rhine

Severn Vianto[1] is the Captain of the 2nd Mage Company of the Francois Republic. His Mage Company is famous as the elite Special Forces.

Personality Edit

He has a patriotic characteristics and always carried his job properly. He has a rough tongue, but he cares and respects his fellows and comrades-in-arms.

In the manga, he has an aristocratic bearing and speaks far more courteously.

Plot Edit

In novel, in May 4, 1925, his mage company along with the other fellow units landed Arene City to support the anti-Empire uprising. Originally, they planned to resist the Imperial anti-riot forces such as military for a few days. After the Imperial Western Army Group ran out of the reserves due to the interruption of logistic, the Republic Army will pull off a major counterattack to push up the front lines. However, the Imperial General Staff acted more fast than they expected. The Imperial gained the permission to send military fores into the city and control it. Few days after their landing, the Imperial reserve troops, mage, artillery, and bomber units had prepared to eliminate the Republican militia and mages defending the city. Vianto and his fellows fought hard against Imperial 203rd Mage Battalion over the city yet lost. Their mages were forced to hide in the buildings and streets to delay the enemy's suppression acts, never expecting Imperial Army would interpret the laws and simply burn out the whole city to save time. The Arene citizens took refuge in and around Karelian Cathedral, and many Republic mages decided to protect the citizens but not flee. There is nothing about how he ended in volume 2.

In volume 3, he and the few mages escaped from Arene and went back to the Republic. Their operation to damage the Empire's rear was thought of as the reason of the Imperial Army's huge retreat, but they were transferred away the fierce front lines and the colonies next. Though Vianto was furious at his brass and complained with his fellow officers, he got the permission to deliver some luxury goods such as cigarettes and wines to the front lines. However, he beheld the breakout of Operation Lock Pick and was asked to send the alert to the rear by his respected division commander Michalis.

During Operation Ark, his mage unit flied from Parisii to the coastal waters of Brest. His op mage unit was high rated by Major General de Lugo. Later, he served in the Free Republican Army and took part in the Southern Battle.


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