Since four different groups have been translating Youjo Senki independently, some terminologies and names don't agree with each other across different versions, and their audiences contributed to this wiki using the terms they are familiar with, causing discrepancies in and between articles. This table is compiled to provide our readers with a (hopefully) complete list of all such terms.

If you think something is missing, please inform us by leaving a comment below.

Original LN Fan Translation Manga Fan Translation Licensed Anime Sub Licensed LN Translation English terms used in the raw[1]
レルゲン Lehrgen Rerugen Rerugen Lergen Rerugen
スー Sue Sue Sioux Sue Sue
ビアント Vianto Bientôt Vianto Vianto
大隊 Wing Wing Battalion Battalion Battalion
中隊 Squadron Squadron Company Company
小隊 Flight Flight Platoon Platoon
協商連合 Federation Entente Alliance Entente Alliance Entente Alliance Entente Union
連合王国 United Kingdom United Kingdom Allied Kingdom Commonwealth Commonwealth
連邦 Union Union Union Federation Union
合州國 Unified States Unified States United States
演算宝珠 Operation Orb Operation Orb Computation Jewel Computation Orb Operation Orb
士官学校 OCS Officer School Officer Training School Military Academy
幼年学校 Cadet Corps Cadet School Cadet Corps
軍大学 War College War College Military Academy War College War College
方面軍 Front Front Front Army Group
大陸軍 Continental Army Continental Army Great Army
干涉式 Spells Spells Interference Formulas
  1. Found in Japanese sources such as the official website, LN chapter names, manga character introduction, and background text in the anime.