Viribus Unitis


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Release Date September 29, 2018
ISBN ISBN 978-4047353268
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Viribus Unitis is the 10th volume of of the Youjo Senki light novel.

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Tanya and her battalion moves to sea for sightseeing; to prepare for worst case scenario, in short.

What's the Imperial government thinking? Will the nation still willing to continue this war?

Colonel Drake has a new strategy. Will he succeed to destroy the hostile nemesis of the Entente Alliance - The Devil of the Rhine?

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Chapter 0 Prologue (第零章 プロローグ) Edit

In year 1927 Unified Era, Tanya had recognized that there were an organizational structure residing in the Empire: a nation that had three heads in one body itself. The first two had only seek for more victories to use its army against the enemies instead of using a peaceful diplomatic solution. Whilst, the other one was starting to act in different route arbitrarily. Each of them has an objectives of unifying the entire nation in this kind of emergency. But if you surgically removed the two heads the other one will control the field if it became useless. She stated that the Imperial soldiers were planning of resection but she's willing to stop it. Taking the good consideration of saving her nation, but Tanya concluded that there was no more salvation to this country as she would be dragged together with it like a sinking ship in the middle of the sea. But it was yet the right time to take asylum. She was not a meaningless person and irrational individual. So it was natural for her to worry first for her own survival.

Chapter I Blueprint (第壱章 青写真) Edit

Colonel Rerugen met personally with Mr. Konrad Connor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As the meeting went deeply, both parties had expressly opposed each other's ideas but didn't do any reckless action by ignoring one another. But, it was now the right time to settle first the problem and they ended up to hold hands in order for the empire to survive. Because the ideas of the two were consistent, it can be said that the meeting ended successfully. But here the problem of the military has been pointed out from Konrad. Colonel Rerugen was not able to fulfill all the accountability he asked because he worked only to the persons with interest who are well-informed in the current situation.

As the meeting went on, Tanya who had been summoned near the place, received a letter from the command center of the left side. She had fully grasped the essence of the order and displeased as she read it, and she will take appropriate action without permission if the plan didn't work. Other stakeholders were all quiet in listening in the debate at the General Staff headquarters. Conrad pointed out that it was impossible for them to understand the normal and ordinary things happening in the state if things went against the will and ambitions of each other. It must stop in order for their nation to be at peace. Colonel Rerugen was aware of his failure for unable to reach his point as he was right in his own negligence as a military advisor. As an agreement, the politicians and military will cooperate accordingly. The meeting ended and Rerugen immediately reported to Lieutenant General Rudersdorff that the conversation with Conrad was successful that the general displeased to hear.

As per request by Rerugen, he stated that it might better to cooperate with Conrad instead of opposing them. However, Lieutenant General Rudersdorff replied a negative opinion. Yet, he promised he would give his full support to Colonel Rerugen. Afterwards, he met Tanya and informed her about their new tactics, believing she's best staff officer he could use. He praised Tanya's early arrival in their meeting place that made Tanya confused and disgusted. Tanya concluded that Colonel Rerugen would resign his life as a soldier, and it might be a good trend to cooperate with politics.

Anyway, she was unwillingly went to west officially. She had fully understand the existence of a preliminary plan hid behind the words of the Colonel. Prior her sail to the west, Tanya decided to carry a secret letter from Lieutenant General Rudersdorff to Lieutenant General Zettour in the Eastern part.

Few days later, Lt. Gen. Ruderdorff had called General Romel, the High Commander of the Southern Continent Desert now holding the command in the west. He was nervous yet calm when seeing the stagnation of the atmosphere of the Imperial headquarters. It appeared to his eyes that they lost the rationality of the Imperial Staff Headquarters had. He thanked the general for letting Tanya lend her strength once again under his command when Lt. Gen. Rudersdorff discussed it briefly and thought he would send her to his aid. But he was wrong. He mistook his urgent briefing. He was informed that Tanya's arrival would be delayed. He asked the reason and Lt. Gen. Rudersdorff said she was in a summer vacation so it was explained that her arrival will be delayed. He received a letter from Tanya and he was opened mouth in reading the document. He couldn't believe what the top of the operations department would delay her arrival on the basis of undigested vacation. Being convinced in their plan, he had faith on her in sending the documents to Lieutenant Zettour in the eastern part. The General realized that Ruderdorff was mobilizing the preliminary plan of the left side created. Yet, he was worried to Tanya as she was still a child and prayed to God that she would get a good rest before the plan commenced.

Chapter II Trickster (第弐章 詐欺師) Edit

Tanya arrived in the Imperial Eastern HQ. The failed invasion was halted and kept the Eastern Front in their hands, it was thanks for Lt. Gen. Zettour's outstanding performances. Although, he arrived in the place as an inspector and no authorization to take command, the Eastern Imperial Staffs were honored, obediently obeyed his orders, believing entirely in his continuous success and capabilities as their superior. His victorious and notable achievements of defeating his enemies with his strong mindset and hands boosted the morale of all soldiers. As the general had been delightedly directed all their operations as a result of an informal but absolute command right being established. In the blinks of the heavy burden from the continuous assault of their enemies from every directions, The Imperial government believed that the Empire had no more bound to achieve an another victory in this situation and won the entire war. If they didn't celebrate too early with wine and beverages, these events won't happened. Thinking about a new strategy, the general believed in order to recover their confidence, they need a short-ahead glorious victory, but constantly he speculated a new deceptive tactics to end the war in different motive.

The Imperial government was hungered for victory, so he would delightedly give them what they wanted. But he planned to deceived the government and Commonwealth's intelligence since he knew 'there's a lot of rat under his tunnel lane'. His strategy was to make the enemies believed that the Empire had never been lose in hope and had a numerous size of supplies and soldiers to defend the fatherland, withstanding the enemies if they desired for full blown invasion. Believing such thing would make every enemy states to be more resilient and cautious in their plans, in short temporarily delay their action of invasion. But Tanya who was still clueless in his explanations, she believed that the general won't do anything rush but he wanted to achieve more. Once the battle end, and once the Eastern Imperial soldiers retreated, when will the rebellious strategy would happened? As she critically thinking about it, the general asked Lt. Col. Tanya, who had still carried the secret letter for the perfection of his fraudulent act, if they would succeed. Looking at the map of Empire and Russy Federation, she pointed a place were the enemies had a weak spot. If they attacked it, they would reap out the protruding part if being ordered. The general smiled and praised her high degree of intelligence. Tanya was surprised and clueless as she was just stating something trivial. He revealed to her his original motive. To deceive your enemies, deceive yourself - something that Tanya fully grasped. Deep inside, she cried as she knew the general will do what was stated inside the letter - Deceitful action to the government and also to the enemies. It was very rebellious and dangerous to do so. Lt. Gen. Zettour was pleased and honored to recruit her as one of her accomplice for this plan. He was waiting for her to answer it in front of him and discovered it by herself. Although she was praised by it, she was sweating a lot since she knew she screwed up. The old general evaluated Tanya as a wonderful field officer appeared to have been convinced that the strategy would become success in high demand by fooling herself. Tanya, on the other hand, wanted to escape and changed job. She didn't want the same thing happened in her original world to happened. Before anything else, she handed over the letter of Lt. Gen. Rudersdorff to Lt. Gen. Zettour. If this fraud strategy would successfully implemented, Lieutenant General Zettour had come up with the possibility of becoming a marshal by citing a big mercy, aiming to become a deceitful mass murderer in the future. Tanya won't be able to escape to his scheme. The Entente Alliance would surely grabbed his bait and his plan would succeed. Since the Russy Federation, with the help of Commonwealth's intelligence, believed they could predict his movements. However, that was one of the scheme of the generals. He let them believed that part on purpose.

to be continued.

Chapter III Boss (第参章 上司) Edit


Chapter IV Valuable Certification (第肆章 価値証明) Edit


Chapter V Empire Style Door Knocker (第伍章 帝国式ドアノッカー) Edit


Chapter VI Sandglass (第陸章 砂時計) Edit


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