Wilibald Koenig

First Lieutenant Wilibald Koenig


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Character Name
Full Name Wilibald Koenig
Kana ヴィリバルト・ケーニッヒ
Mandarin 威利巴爾德·肯尼希
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation EmpireFlagV601
Weapons & Equipments
  • Elinium Type 97 ‘Mobile Assault’ Operation Orb
  • Rifle
  • Empire Flying Gear
Military Info
Military Rank First Lieutenant
Allegiance EmpireFlag The Empire
Novel Plus Ultra Chapter VI
Manga Chapter 21
Anime Episode 5 My First Battalion

Wilibald Koenig a.k.a Wili is the 3rd Company commander of V601 under the command of Tanya Degurechaff.

Appearance Edit

Koenig is a tall man with sharp facial features. He has dark brown hair that he kept long, tied in a low ponytail on his back. He has a sharp chin and small eyes. Like all soldiers, he wears the military uniform when not in combat and battle suit on the battlefield.

Personality Edit

He is a silent-typed of man who is listening to Tanya's orders properly. He is also friendly towards his comrades and never doubt their abilities.