Path to Victory
Anime Episode 10
Episode information
Japanese Title 勝利への道
Air Date March 17, 2017
Theme Songs
Ending Song Los! Los! Los!
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Path to Victory (勝利への道) is the 10th Episode of the Youjo Senki anime.

Summary Edit

Colonel Sioux is seen travelling on a ship and plotting his revenge on Tanya. Following their attack on potential locations of the enemy headquarters, Tanya’s battalion proceed to mop up and retreat.

At Imperial High Council, the military undergo a grilling on their strategy of withdrawal, accused of exposing Imperial manufacturing facilities to the Republic's attack.

They delay their response, stalling for time while waiting for Tanya’s unit to report on their operation. Finally Hans von Zettour announces to the Imperial High Council that the enemy command structure has been destroyed and commencement of the third phase "Operation Lock Pick". It starts with the complete destruction of their former positions on the Rhine, which are now occupied by Alliance forces.

Next "Operation Revolving Door" is initiated to encircle and destroy Alliance forces. With no communications, the Alliance forces are in disarray and fall under a sustained counter-attack by Imperial heavy armour and mechanized infantry who completely surround the Alliance forces and proceed to annihilate them.

Tanya and her mages take part in the mop-up operation but suddenly come under attack from an Allied Kingdom mage unit with long-range weapons led by Colonel Sioux.