How to Use a Victory
Anime Episode 12
Episode information
Japanese Title 勝利の使い方
Air Date March 31, 2017
Theme Songs
Opening Song --
Ending Song Jingo Jungle
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How to Use a Victory (勝利の使い方) is the 12th Episode of the Youjo Senki anime.

Summary Edit

While the Empire celebrates the truce, that could finally lead to an armistice. Tanya went to the Main Headquarters to talk to the general staffs. She was confronted by Erich von Rerughen. Tanya on contrary explains her being aware of the fact that it's just a matter of time for the war to still continue and start again, since the Republic and all other nations will never allow the Empire to become the most powerful country in Europe: but according to her thoughts and ideologies, refusing to admit defeat and keep fighting no matter the consequences is simply part of the human nature.

In fact, the Empire's overwhelming growth finally pushes the remaining superpowers of the World (the Allied Kingdom, the Russy Federation and the Unified States) to form an alliance agains the common enemy, and when General Lugo from Tunis proclaims the birth of the Free Republic it becomes clear to the Empire's citizens and soldiers that the war is far from over.

While the battles begin once again, Tanya and her squad are sent in Africa to fight against the Free Republic, and while haraunging her men Tanya tells them that the war is the proof that God has failed, and that the power to influence mankind is now in the hands of the Man and, especially, of the soldiers, once again launching her challenge against Being X.

Meanwhile, in the Unified States Mary, Sioux's daughter (blessed with Being X's power), joins to the American army in search for vengeance for her father's death.