Anime Episode 2
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Japanese Title プロローグ
Air Date January 13, 2017
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Prologue (プロローグ) is the 2nd Episode of the Youjo Senki anime.

Summary Edit

In Tokyo 2013 A.D, a Japanese ordinary salaryman working in Human Resource department fires someone for incompetence. Later, on the way back home after work, that salaryman is murdered by the vindictive former co-worker, pushed to his death in crowded train station off of the platform to the train tracks.

As the salaryman falls, time stands still and he hears the words of God coming from the people at the station. He says that he does not believe in God, nor the devil, so calls the entity Being X. Being X decides to reincarnate him as a baby girl, Tanya, in 1913 in Berun, a place that parallels Europe of that time.

Tanya grows up in a poor orphanage where it is discovered that she has an aptitude as a mage. While still a young girl, rather than be conscripted, she volunteers for the military as an opportunity for advancement. She does well and is entrusted with training new students although she is quite ruthless and brutal. In 1923 at the age of 9, Tanya acts as an artillery observer while on maneuvers at the Northern Theater Force Garrison when the country is invaded by the Entente Alliance.

Previous rank Lieutenant Colonel Anson Sioux leads the 5th Air Mage Battalion after Tanya who is ordered to stay and delay them. She manages to delay them, relishing the battle, but is badly injured. Later, back at Garrison Headquarters hospital, Tanya is awarded the Silver Wings Assault Badge, but hopes she isn’t sent to the battle front.

Instead, she is dressed up and lauded as a Hero of the Empire for propaganda.