Deus Vult
Anime Episode 3
Episode information
Japanese Title 神がそれを望まれる
Air Date January 20, 2017
Theme Songs
Ending Song Los! Los! Los!
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Deus Vult (神がそれを望まれる) is the 3rd Episode of the Youjo Senki anime.

Summary Edit

After recovering from her injuries Tanya is assigned to the Tactical Instructor squad back home to her great relief. She tests a new type of computation jewel, Elinium Type-95 but this proves as dangerous as the front lines.

The jewel is unstable, but Development Chief Engineer Adelheid von Schugel pushes her to her limit. After criticizing the technology, she requests a transfer which is approved, and the project is frozen.

That night, Being X animates a toy soldier and accuses Tanya of not having developed any faith or insight, but Tanya disagrees and smashes it. She wakes and assumes it was a dream, but sees a paper with Deus lo vult (God wills it) written on it.

Tanya participates in one more experiment and just as the jewel is about to explode, God performs a miracle and stabilizes the jewel to prove his power. This forces her to praise him, but she now believes this is a curse.

The next year, 1924, Tanya is again in the front lines, cursing the need to give thanks for God’s blessings so that she can use the jewel safely in battle. Headquarters decide to send her to officer training and she recommends Viktoriya for promotion.

They both prepare to return to the capital. Meanwhile, Headquarters realizes they need a rapid response unit.