My First Battalion
Anime Episode 5
Episode information
Japanese Title はじまりの大隊
Air Date February 3, 2017
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My First Battalion (はじまりの大隊) is the 5th Episode of the Youjo Senki anime.

Summary Edit

Tanya holds a test to decide on whether or not the mages who have sent in applications are worthy, but most fail, and the higher-ups state her standards are too high.

She declares that she will re-educate the troops in just a month, and is granted free rein on how to go about it. She holds a grueling program, with many nearly dying, but her actions, while meant to deter them, does the opposite and inspires them, and within the month they are successfully transformed into her battalion.

She is then told she is being sent with her battalion to the southeastern front, to Dakia. There, the first battle she encounters is totally in their favor. The enemy have no mages and still use techniques for out-dated forms of warfare.

She proceeds forward, to the capital to test their limits. In the Dakia capital, they find a Republic-backed arms factory, and decides to attack it, but in accordance to international law, they can only destroy the factory and must declare their actions in advance, as well, in order to allow for evacuation, despite it giving away their surprise advantage.

However, she uses a child-like voice as a loophole, declaring their intentions, but making the enemy believe it to be a joke. Having fulfilled their obligation, Tanya and her battalion proceed to destroy the factory.