Beginning of Madness
Anime Episode 6
Episode information
Japanese Title 狂気の幕開け
Air Date February 10, 2017
Theme Songs
Opening Song --
Ending Song Los! Los! Los!
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Beginning of Madness (狂気の幕開け) is the 6th Episode of the Youjo Senki anime.

Summary Edit

Headquarters decides that they should wipe out Dakia and turn their attention to the Entente Alliance, but are worried that the winter supplies won't last unless they use Tanya's battalion.

Later, Tanya and Viktoriya discuss the possibility of the Triple Entente being allied to the Republic and/or the Allied Kingdom, which is later shown to be true. She realizes that Being X may be orchestrating the upcoming world war.

In the northern supply base, Viper Battalion is losing against the Entente and other backup foreign mages and bombers. Tanya's battalion comes in just in time to rescue Viper Battalion and launch an attack.

She turns down interceptors and reinforcement to create a name for her battalion and goes after the bombers herself before heading down to capture prisoners.

Being X appears, and asks Tanya how it feels to fight a war with the whole world. Tanya shoots his avatar down and later eradicates a hidden observation post who was gathering data on her.

In the Republican Capital, Lieutenant Colonel Zevran Biantot informs General Pierre Michelaud Lugo of the failure of the Entente Alliance and the Republic mage casualties and advises him to refrain from sending Republic mages to the Entente Alliance, but Lugo refuses, seemingly under a trance. In the Entente Ministry of Defence, it is revealed that Anson Sue had been promoted to Colonel, but is worried about dying and leaving his wife and daughter alone.