Trial of Fire
Anime Episode 8
Episode information
Japanese Title 火の試練
Air Date March 3, 2017
Theme Songs
Ending Song Sensen no Realism
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Trial by Fire (火の試練) is the 8th Episode of the Youjo Senki anime.

Summary Edit

Republican mages are led by Lieutenant Colonel Severin Bientot to support a rebel uprising in Arene City, a former Republican territory in the Western Theater.

Tanya and her Mage Battalion are ordered to intercept them, and destroy all resistance even if it means mean the deaths of the population as well. They find the city heavily defended. Following a refusal to surrender, the city comes under sustained attack from imperial cannon fire causing the citizens to flee.

At Strategic Headquarters they debate the ethics of destroying an inhabited city, but Tanya has no qualms about obeying orders to attack. At an Allied hospital, the critically wounded Colonel Sioux slowly recovers from his encounter with Tanya and says that God told him to destroy that Devil.