01 is the 2st Episode of the parody series, Youjo Shenki.

Summary Edit

While in the Rhine front, Viktoriya writes a diary about the lives on the front. She starts by introducing Tanya and admiring how talented she is at a young age. This led her to strike a conversation with Tanya. Tanya ask her what was the reason for her to volunteer for the rescue mission, Viktoriya anxiously replied that it is better risk her life to serve the Empire rather than wasting resources for useless soldiers. Tanya was pleased her by solely saying she's counting on her. This causes confusion for Viktoriya mistaking Tanya as an angel, she immediately thought of when she reported the dead for Kurst and Harald, it reminded her of the grim-looking face that Tanya made upon hearing the news. The second day, Viktoriya finds Tanya drinking coffee. Tanya suddenly made a shocked expression due to the coffee wasn't a coffee but a coffee substitute instead, this causes confusion for Viktoriya once again for mistaking the shocked expression as the grim expression Tanya made before, this relieves her as assuming that Tanya was disappointed and continuing thinking that she was kind as an angel.