02 is the 3rd Episode of the parody series, Youjo Shenki.

Summary Edit

Tanya and Viktoriya were having a momentary talk when suddenly Tanya spaces out before answering Viktoriya's inquires. Making dark expressions and laughing, this terrifies Viktoriya as she began to call for Tanya a couple of times but it still didn't wake her up from her thoughts. After a few attempts, calling Tanya, she finally gets back to her senses and realizing she had probably scared Viktoriya with her sudden change of grim emotions. To fix this, Tanya suddenly brings up Eintopf , which they gather they are going to have it for dinner. To put a proper reason for Tanya's unexpected expression, she states there will be twice as more of sausages for it tonight. This relieved and excites Viktoriya.


Tanya and Visha laughing

Eventually, both of them started to laugh endlessly, for different reasons.