04 is the 5th Episode of the parody series, Youjo Shenki.

Summary Edit

Viktoriya strikes up a conservation with Tanya as she asked her about the 'conference room meals'. Tanya replied her that the meals are indeed healthy which affects theit performance during battles greatly.

Upon hearing this, Viktoriya suddenly snacked a kriegsbrot, a pastry contained wheat dough and potatoes. Upon this, Tanya was surprised that Viktoriya was yet able consume bread after lunch and questioned her about it.

She explained that everything had been delicious lately, how she can taste the favor of the pastry which Tanya views as dry, stale and tasteless. Later on, the two began to talk about the growth of a female's body. Viktoriya had found her military uniform is growing tight lately especially in chest area. Without hesitation, she exposed her chest to Tanya. She responded by quickly told Viktoriya to stop.

Tanya then warned her to be caution due to the surrounding people around her are men, concerning about Viktoriya might be violated.

Viktoriya then again, asked if Tanya had such experience. As a result, Tanya was left speechless and inwardly shudder at the mere thought.