05 is the 6th Episode of the parody series, Youjo Shenki.

Summary Edit

Rhiner, Visha, Vooren and Wilibald were gossiping about Tanya's harsh technique to train the Imperial Army 203rd Air Mage Battalion. Vooren was informed that the headache he possessed was caused by Tanya when she booted him to revive him from death at the avalanche during training. Visha calmly states that, as a wing commander, Tanya wouldn't do meaningless actions.


Their Flashbacks of Sadistic Tanya

Therefore, they bring up how ruthless, sadistic and scary Tanya was in their point of view, even her words hurt them. While resuming further into the topic, both Rhiner and Wilibald agreed the fact that Tanya was small and much of a maniac, somehow Tanya's child appearance doesn't frighten them at all.

Vooren suddenly brings out the comparison of Tanya and Visha's body. However, Visha is still confused about his words as the rest of the four broke into laughter.