06 is the 7th Episode of the parody series, Youjo Shenki.

Summary Edit

Second Lieutenant Weiss is feeling disconsolate about the battle in Dakia, therefore he shares his thoughts to Visha. On a recent flashback while Tanya was protesting Weiss on his behaviors during the war as he was simply following the manual of a Air Mage. This irritates Tanya slightly, thus she splat out that if any of her mages got shot down by an anti-air formation, she will kill them before the enemies did.

This impractical line shown both Weiss and Visha how fierce and mysterious Tanya was. Leaving them surrounded in inquiries about how she could achieve such a honorable rank at a young age.


Tanya interrupts the two

Suddenly, Tanya interrupts their conversation, she scolds and advises Weiss to use more common sense.

Ending the sentence that she had experiences similar to this situations. As Tanya walked away, this leads them to further question about her past.