07 is the 8th Episode of the parody series, Youjo Shenki.

Summary Edit

Visha suddenly tells Neumann and Koenig how she finds it odd that Tanya always brings a rifle anywhere she goes, as she was stated she wasn't a person who'd like to bring a gun around.

Flashing back on a scenario where Visha asked Tanya for the reason she always carries her rifle around and curiously inquired that why does Tanya prefer to use spells rather than using magic rounds which would save her magic. Tanya shot a grim expression before answering a simple answer, it was just her magic efficiency works more different than the others.

Neumann and Koenig both stated that they are more afraid of Tanya than a war. This proves that her soldiers is solely scared of her. Tanya happened to walk past them and told them they should enjoy the hellish war they're going to confront in the future. This does not frighten them as it was better than facing Tanya.

Thereafter while Tanya is spacing out, she thinks her body is too small to handle a normal-sized rifle, this will always increase her into her maximum capabilities in war which she reckons was a good thing.