10 is the 11th Episode of the parody series, Youjo Shenki.

Summary Edit

Rhiner Neumann, Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov, Vooren Glanz and Wilibald Koenig are gambling with cards together. Soon, Matheus Johan Weiss came by to check on them.

Vooren was on a losing streak and incredibly weak against Visha, causing him to get frustrated. He claimed that betting on chocolate would not make him serious, but alcohol will.

However, Visha preferred chocolate. Then, Koenig talked about how Tanya Degurechaff might be better than Visha at playing cards. The five invited Tanya to join them. Tanya stated that she will bet chocolate if Visha and herself wins, alcohol if others win. Additionally, the one who beats Tanya will be rewarded a home leave. In the end, Visha was the only one who was able to beat Tanya.